Trở về danh sách tin tức
Among many global partners of the Formula One World Championship (F1), MIKGROUP is the only giant to sponsor a grandstand in F1 Vietnam Grand Prix, the “Hue - Matrix One” grandstand, named after the hottest and most exclusive project developed by MIKGROUP with a direct view to the F1 race

Why does MIKGroup join the billion-dollar racing event?
MIKGroup is a trusted group specialized in real estate investment, trading, and development in Vietnam with multiple high-profile projects, namely Imperia Garden, Imperia Sky Garden, Valencia Garden in Hanoi; The Waterfront Saigon, Villa Park, Park Riverside, River Park, RioVista in Ho Chi Minh City; and Sol Beach House Phu Quoc, Mövenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc, Crowne Plaza Phu Quoc Starbay.

Going all out on F1 Grand Prix is a strategic business decision of MIKGroup. According to the real estate giant, a prestigious annual event like F1 Grand Prix offers Vietnamese enterprises diverse opportunities to promote investment and cooperation in many areas. Vietnam in general also benefits from this event as the country can develop more high-quality tourism products to attract international visitors. Especially amid the epidemic outbreak, the event is expected to drive the Vietnamese tourism to weather through the crisis and create a long-lasting impression in tourists of a safe and friendly Vietnam.

When asked about the reasons for the partnership with F1, MIKGroup’s spokesperson said: “We are honored to contribute to bringing this world-class sport to Vietnam for the first time ever. It will boost the economy after a period of being slowed down by the outbreak, and spark people’s interest in this sport. The F1 Vietnam Grand Prix will also bring the sport back to South East Asia after Malaysia ended the contract to organize the F1 race in 2017. With a mission to become a pioneer in high-class and superior developments, as well as to build a reputable and sustainable Vietnamese brand regionally and globally, MIKGroup and VGPC share the same vision of promoting the image of a modern Vietnam and Ha Noi - a one-thousand-old civilization to the world, and of putting Vietnam associated with some of the largest sporting events on the map.”

F1 - The race of luxurious brands 
Being the world’s most prestigious racing event and one of the largest in scale and investment, Formula 1 answers numerous calls for cooperation from both local and international brands. On the eve of every F1 season, fans and the media around the world are eager to see who will join the lineup of the world's most accomplished brands in the Grand Prix race of fame and make themselves known in the largest sporting event globally.

In fact, not every brand can become an F1’s partner or sponsor. Only the most trusted, financially powerful and influential ones highly valued by the market and considered a symbol of prosperity and development deserve the most extravagant race on the planet.

Since Vietnam was officially announced as the host of F1 Grand Prix 2020, many elite names have signed up to be its partners. The fact that MIKGroup, one of top ten real estate developers in Vietnam, was chosen as F1's partner affirms its position and prestige. In the past years, high-end real estate projects developed by MIKGroup have won various prestigious local and international awards.

MIKGroup’s super project, The Matrix One residential complex, is to be constructed right next to F1 circuit on turns six, seven, eight, and nine. One grandstand of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix is also named after this project. Boasting a prime location and other one-of-a-kind privileges apart from the view to the F1 race, The Matrix One has become a hot spot in the real estate market, receiving great attention from customers and investors. 
MIKGroup has launched the “super project” The Matrix One on turns six, seven, eight, and nine of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix.

A large scale racing competition participated by racers from many countries. This is a chance for businesses to network and to boost foreign investment in Vietnam in many areas. On the whole, the presence of Formula 1 in Vietnam will create economic breakthroughs in early 2020. It is undeniable that partnering with F1 is a way for Vietnamese enterprises to affirm their positions and build a solid foundation for entries into the global market.