Trở về danh sách tin tức

MIKGroup is popular among investors and customers thanks to its ability to meet construction progress, prioritization towards quality, unique amenity chain, etc., in its every project.

After ending his shift at 5 AM, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hoa, a worker at the construction site of The Matrix One project in Me Tri, Hanoi quickly brushed the cement off his personal protective clothing and washed his hands and feet to return to his rented room for some rest. He has registered for an extra night-shift today.
“Over the last few months, we have been working extra shifts day after day to keep up with the progress. Because of the pandemic, many of my friends lost their jobs due to the halt in construction. Luckily, the contractor needed to speed up the progress so we had some income,” said Hoa.
As the direct supervisor at the construction site, Mr. Bui Cong Chien shared that a contractor often worked 2 shifts/day. However, after the pandemic’s outbreak, the construction work had to be suspended to ensure safety. After social distancing came to an end, the concerned parties have had to work at full capacity and encouraged the workers to take extra shifts.

Workers working at The Matrix One’s construction site

“We still follow social distancing regulations. The workers wear their personal protective gear and masks to ensure safety and prevent the pandemic. Working extra shifts makes people weary yet they're excited because they can still keep their jobs and get a better income,” Chien added.

Chien and nearly 1,000 workers in the construction team have just finished the floor structure of the 44th floor of the project The Matrix One developed by MIKGroup. The project's topping-out ceremony is expected to be organized in mid-November. Since its construction in January 2019, after 1 year, the 2 luxury buildings have begun to be increasingly visible at the intersection between Le Quang Dao and Me Tri streets in South Tu Liem, Hanoi.

Construction progress - the testament to MIKGroup

While many enterprises are facing difficulties because of COVID-19 and their projects’ construction had to be stopped during social distancing, MIKGroup is one of a handful of development units to successfully meet the planned construction progress and the quality of the projects. The Matrix One is not the only shining example. Other projects of MIKGroup such as Imperia Garden, Imperia Sky Garden, etc. were completed and delivered to the residents per the committed timeline.
MIKGroup’s representative acknowledged that construction progress and quality of each project are the top priority because they encompass the commitment of the developing unit and investor to the customers as well as demonstrate the Group’s credibility in the market. Recent years have seen several projects failed to be timely finished and handed over, bothering buyers, some of them have bought the houses but haven't stepped foot in after 3-5 years. Therefore, meeting the construction roadmap as stated in the contract will make customers feel secure when buying their houses.
To achieve such a feat, MIKGroup has cooperated with Hoa Binh and Coteccons – top contractors experienced in implementing large-scale projects. Additionally, construction works including the inspection of the floor quality to build a new story are strictly carried out.
In an attempt to assure customers of the quality and aesthetic values of their handed houses, we strictly conduct our construction supervision and ensure that the construction is aligned with the design, thus meeting technical regulations and quality standards and at the same time effectively controlling the intake of construction materials.” said the representative.
As Mr. Bui Ngoc Tuyen - Director of a real estate transaction floor in Thanh Xuan, Hanoi - evaluated, the construction progress and quality express the long-term vision of each real estate developer. In the end, the customers are the best judges of the construction progress in real-time.
“Prior to The Matrix One, many of MIKGroup's projects have been handed over and the residents have moved in. If the quality is not good, they're quick to turn their back on later products,” he emphasized.
Sharing his view, Mrs. Nguyen Kim Chi in Cau Giay, Hanoi decided to buy an apartment under The Matrix One project because she highly appreciated the project’s progress. “Many of my friends who are living in apartments developed by MIKGroup are satisfied and they introduced this project to me. As I see the project nearing its completion, I become more and more excited about living there,” said Chi.

What makes The Matrix One different

According to MIKGroup's representative, apart from its guaranteed progress and quality, The Matrix One also attracts customers because of its unique values. The first of which is its prime location at the junction between Me Tri, Chau Van Liem, Le Quang Dao streets, and Thang Long Highway. These are arterial roads of the city's western trading gateway and linked to other major roads in the area such as Duong Dinh Nghe, Pham Hung, Ho Tung Mau, and Ring Road no.3, etc.

In addition to the road transport system, the residents can also easily access different rail routes of the city in the future including route no.5 (Van Cao - Hoa Lac), route no.4 (Lien Ha - North Thang Long) or route no.8 (Son Dong - Duong Xa). The Matrix One’s residents can travel to any place in the city.
Another notable feature of the project is its system of A-class amenities which meet the varied needs of the upper-class residents in Hanoi. What stands out among these amenities are the privileges of enjoying the aerial resort space reserved exclusively for the residents, which houses a gym, children's playgrounds, co-working spaces, business lounges, community halls, etc. on the 23rd floor and the rooftop relaxing space at the 43rd floor.

Residents living at Imperia Sky Garden

Furthermore, sitting on the bridge between the 4th floors of the two buildings is a big swimming pool equipped with modern water temperature control devices that can automatically adjust the water temperature based on the season to meet the demands of all residents.

With a flat density of just 10 units per floor, The Matrix One ensures total privacy and independence for each family. The project's apartments come in a wide range of areas from 85 square meters to 112 square meters to offer the residents roomy living space coupled with a panorama view through floor-to-ceiling Low-E glass to optimize their living space. Future homeowners can immerse themselves in nature and enjoy the fresh air, thereby energizing themselves with endless inspiration for a lively day.

The project is also adjacent to a “green lung” - a 14-hectare park that sits across the street. With a view overlooking the lake park, The Matrix One residents can enjoy their living privileges and a green and fresh living space. Additionally, The Matrix One also possesses a million-dollar view as it looks over the entire F1 race track. When the world’s most thrilling motorsport event is organized in the future, the residents can obtain the “free ticket” to watch the race from the comfort of their apartments’ balcony.
“Meeting the standards of an A-class apartment complex, the project creates a living space that ensures good health, safety, and convenience through modern and superior international 5-star amenities. The project is expected to be Hanoi's new symbol,” MIKGroup's representative affirmed.