Trở về danh sách tin tức

On the morning of April 26, 2021, MIKGroup, a real estate developer, and Tan Long Service & Investment Joint Stock Company (Tan Long Land) entered an agreement of strategic partnership on the exclusive distribution of Imperia Smart City’s apartments to foreigners.

Representatives from MIKGroup and Tan Long Land sign the agreement of partnership on the exclusive distribution of apartments under the Imperia Smart City project
In recent years, in the eyes of international friends, Vietnam has changed significantly and satisfied the criteria of Safety - Friendliness - High Prospect. As a result, Vietnam has been an ideal choice for numerous foreign investors and customers who wish to settle down, work, or open their businesses in Vietnam.

Situated at a prime location that is considered a “golden spot” connecting key intersections in the West of Hanoi and boasting high-end apartments, Imperia Smart City not only attracts Vietnamese customers but also stays on the radar of foreign investors and expatriate communities living in Vietnam. Grasping that opportunity, MIKGroup decides to offer Imperia Smart City's apartments to foreign customers on demand. 

With a desire to seek competent and reputable partners and distributors who are experienced in connecting with international customers, Tan Long Land was chosen as the strategic distributor for products of the Imperia Smart City project.

Tan Long Land is known as the owner of a professional system of distributing and transferring secondary real estates and leasing properties in Vietnam. In particular, the firm has been offering house rentals for foreigners in Vietnam since 2001. 

With long-built experience and enthusiastic staff members who possess vast knowledge of the market and customers, MIKGroup is confident that Tan Long Land will become a “bridge” that delivers quality products of the Imperia Smart City project to potential customers. 
MIKGroup's representative delivers the certificate of partnership to Tan Long Land's counterpart.
At the signing ceremony, the representative of MIKGroup, the Developer, shared the Group’s passion for creating a modern living space with various utilities and optimal uses. Imperia Smart City is invested and planned in a smart and consistent manner, which not only helps to create a fresh environment and standard living space but also contributes to the development of a prosperous residential community. The event marks a notable milestone in the partnership between two enterprises, which offers multiple benefits to investors and ownership opportunities to customers as well as future residents. 

“Through surveys, we have realized the huge demand for apartment ownership of foreigners around this area. Therefore, with the distribution of Imperia Smart City’s apartments, we believe that we can fully utilize our professional competencies and deliver best-quality products to customers, thus bringing success to our partners,” said Mr. Le Tien Liem, Managing Director of Tan Long Land.
Overview of Imperia Smart City project
Apart from the reputation for good quality and construction progress, Imperia Smart City showcases outstanding advantages as it is positioned at the center, helping its residents enjoy a life in which with only one step, they can reach thousands of utilities”. The megacity meets all residents’ needs, from education, healthcare to entertainment services. In particular, the project lies adjacent to a 10.2-ha central park with a 4.8-ha lake, which is one of the winning features of Imperia Smart City.

That is not all. The location of the project also offers easy access to Western Hanoi’s key cultural, administrative, and commercial centers such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Convention Center, My Dinh National Stadium, BigC Thang Long Supermarket, Keangnam Landmark Tower, and Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh and Cau Giay neighborhoods, etc. where foreign communities prevail. For these reasons, MIKGroup believes that Imperia Smart City will attract attention and be the choice of foreign customers and investors.

Website: http://imperiasmartcity.com/