Trở về danh sách tin tức
Since its humble start as a “rookie” in the field of real estate, MIKGroup has always been perseverant with its lines of high-end products and the philosophy of “creating comprehensively valuable products, services, and living experience in the beautiful and civilized living space of international standard constructions”.

Many people believed that it was a risky move for a new business. However, with enthusiasm and relentless efforts, MIKGroup has gradually proven its capability through real products.
Rather than noisy or flashy manner, MIKGroup understands that wise customers will not judge a project through advertisements, but their first-hand experiences instead. 

Affirming values from real quality
Before becoming well-known in Hanoi, MIKGroup made its impression in Saigon market through a chain of villa and shophouse projects at District 9, including Villa Park, Villa Park Passion, Park Riverside, Park Riverside Premium, River Park, RioVista, etc. The construction of these villas and shophouses at the center of Eastern Saigon helped MIKGroup become one of the real estate businesses contributing to establishing the image of a worth-living place in this highly potential land.

In Hanoi, MIKGroup continues to focus on high-end real estate products with apartment complex projects under the Imperia brand at prime locations throughout the capital. MIKGroup asserts its differences not only through high-end projects, but also by offering residents the green living environment coupled with superior standards. For MIKGroup, a house is not only a “place to return”, but also a true “place to relax” for its owners. 

To realize such idea, MIKGroup has cooperated with Baumschlarge Eberle Architekten (BEA). This multinational architecture firm is among the world’s 100 most prestigious designers and has designed approximately 1,000 projects across the globe. None could believe that in such a crowded district as Thanh Xuan, Hanoi exists a “garden amid the city” with strangely peaceful spaces. Inspired by France’s verdant gardens, the Imperia Garden's natural spaces, with its clean air and exclusive amenities, have helped its residents realize their dreams of a peaceful and convenient life in this jam-packed city.

After Imperia Garden, Imperia Sky Garden (Minh Khai, Hanoi) was perceived as a breakthrough of MIKGroup by giving birth to an “Eden”, thus settling the trend of constructing Edens in Vietnam. At the height of nearly 100m lies one of the highest gardens in Hanoi, a highlight in the urban architecture in the South of the capital. Replacing the AC's outdoor units or water tanks on the rooftop, the gardens accompanied by four-season swimming pools and infinity pools of Imperia Sky Garden have become the relaxing places comparable to luxury resorts.
Even though MIKGroup understands that to construct a project with low floor area ratio and heavy utilization of green spaces will increase expenses and require a lot of efforts and studies, the firm is set on creating real living environments to meet people's needs in terms of living standards, amenities, and civilized communities. MIKGroup provides not only ideal living spaces with modern amenities, but also offers good health, transquility, and nourishment for everyone’s soul. 

Customers’ trust and satisfaction are fruits of MIKGroup’s efforts and enthusiasm. Commitment to quality and boundless creativity are the reasons why MIKGroup doesn't struggle with product marketing, as all its projects are warmly-welcomed by customers and investors.

A keen vision
With its long-term development strategy and a keen vision of the market, after Imperia Garden and Imperia Sky Garden’s successes, MIKGroup set its sight on the Capital’s western gateway. Its under-construction super project at No.1 Le Quang Dao street, South Tu Liem District - The Matrix One - is the talk of the real estate market for its one-of-a-kind elements, in order to bring smart and luxury apartments for the upper-class. 
The Matrix One is the only project to possess a direct view of the F1 circuit. Opposite the project is the district's theme park, which covers an area of over 14 hectares and is hailed as the "green lung" of the area. 

To continue its chain of smart real estate products, in the near future, MIKGroup has planned to unveil Imperia Smart City, a part of Vinhomes Smart City complex. Imperia Smart City will feature five high-end apartment complexes, building density between 30-32.7% and 4.0 technologies.
Once completed, The Matrix One and Imperia Smart City are promised to be the new architectural symbols of the Capital's west side, as well as the new peaks in the high-end apartment complex segment that MIKGroup is pursuing.

Following the orientation of shifting smart city development to the suburban areas of Hanoi, MIKGroup wishes to somehow relieve the housing pressure in crowded urban areas, and providing residents comfortable living spaces. 
Utilizing its boundless creativity while bearing “enthusiasm” in mind, on the journey of establishment and development, MIKGroup always pursues the philosophy of “creating comprehensively valuable products, services, and living experience in the beautiful and civilized living space of international standard constructions”. That is why MIKGroup's high-end housing products always stick to their core values of worthy quality, unique design, versatile amenities, application of 4.0 technology, and living space optimization to protect residents' health.