Trở về danh sách tin tức
Sharing the same goal of bringing Vietnamese people a quality lifestyle and the best experiences, the presence of Vinhomes and MIKGroup, two powerhouses in the real estate market, in the Western Hanoi smart metropolis promises the creation of a civilized and modern community with high-end lifestyle. 

According to MIKGroup, since its introduction in mid-July, Imperia Smart City has been sought-after by numerous customers. On average, there are between 50-70 customers visiting model homes and dozens of successful transactions every week. Customers’ interest in Imperia Smart City stems from a number of reasons, notably is the fact that MIKGroup has developed the project within Vinhomes Smart City, making customers feel secure about their lives there.
The Imperia Smart City project developed by MIKGroup is located within Vinhomes Smart City

In addition, Imperia - the brand name of high-end apartment complexes with remarkable impressions on the Hanoi real estate market - is once again thoroughly and professionally invested and developed by MIKGroup inside of Vinhomes’ metropolis. It is considered a new step taken by the Group with the hope that all its residence will experience the most superior and modern amenities.

In fact, after 5 years, MIKGroup has established a real estate ecosystem that any real estate corporation should dream of. Standing out among the ecosystem is the Imperia apartment complexes in Hanoi; villas - townhouses in villa projects, shophouses, adjoining houses in Ho Chi Minh City, and resort real estate in Pearl Island Phu Quoc. Experts say that one of the reasons behind the charms and successes of projects developed by MIKGroup is that this Corporation always cooperates with the leading and most prestigious partners in many fields to offer its customers the best products.

As shared by a representative from MIKGroup, their top priority in developing projects is always their customers. It has been the factor contributing to MIKGroup’s success for the last 5 years.

“Every project we introduce must satisfy the most demanding customers. Take Imperia Smart City for example - located within Vinhomes’ metropolis, it benefits from a wide range of amenities available in the metropolis, from education, health, shopping, to recreation. We also pay attention to every detail from the apartment design to in-house amenities to offer our customers the best”, said MIKGroup’s representative.

Imperia Sky Garden – one of the launched projects that evidences the success of MIKGroup
Meanwhile, Ms. Pham Thi Lan Phuong - Vice General Director of Vinhomes shared her thoughts about the presence of Imperia Smart City within the metropolis of Vinhomes: MIKGroup is a prestigious real estate developer and has gained trust from customers over the years. We highly appreciate Imperia’s apartment projects in Hanoi as all of them have received positive feedback from their residents. For this reason, we hope that the presence of MIKGroup’s project at the heart of the Metropolis will offer customers a diverse choice of products and a breath of fresh air into the world-class Vinhomes Smart City. 

A Vinhomes representative affirmed that: “The residents of Imperia Smart City will be able to use all common services and amenities as regulated by the Management Board of the Metropolis. We hope that the communication and engagement among the residents will create a civilized and modern community, thereby contributing to the establishment of the first world-class smart metropolis in Vietnam”.

The presence of Vinhomes and MIKGroup, two powerhouses in the real estate market, in the West of Hanoi has recently made this area more vibrant. It has also laid the foundation for the development of a diverse, unique, and colorful metropolis in the dynamic Western Hanoi. 
Located at the heart of the metropolis, Imperia Smart City sits next to the 10.2-hectare Central Park, a 4.8-hectare detention basin, and is on the 52-meter-wide main road with two lanes, facilitating the residents’ access to other amenities in the metropolis. Taking advantage of the infrastructures and a wide range of amenities available in the metropolis, Imperia Smart City is accelerating its construction to welcome its first residents by the end of 2021.