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Ever since its introduction, Imperia Smart City, a project developed by MIKGroup, has captured the attention of numerous customers and investors. Hailed as an “upgraded version” and the “heart” of a smart metropolis, the project possesses many advantages that promise to offer its residents a superior lifestyle and a plethora of amenities within their reach.

So what makes Imperia Smart City be considered a “perfect upgrade”? Let’s explore the advantages that give the project its charm. 

A better “upgrade” than other projects of the same segment in the area

Imperia Smart City is located at the center of a 280-hectare metropolis. With a construction density of 14.7%, its comprehensive design includes schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and entertainment facilities. 

Imperia Smart City inherits an “all-in-one” ecosystem with modern amenities, with the most notable feature being a system of diverse parks located consecutively. The project owns a remarkable view as it sits next to Southeast Asia’s leading sports park. This park is more than 10 hectares in area and praised as the “giant green lungs” of the metropolis with 15 theme parks equipped with over 1,000 pieces of outdoor exercise equipment, a BBQ park with 100 grill spots, a skatepark, a picnic park, and a mountain bike course. A mini-golf course built with different themes is a new and unique amenity of the metropolis. This golf course is based on the US golf course model, offering the residents an exotic experience. Furthermore, there is a Korean indoor golf course giving the residents a chance to practice this elite sport.  
Imperia Smart City - an “upgrade” at the center of a smart metropolis
Neighboring the project is the Japanese garden, regarded as Vietnam's new “wonder” - an overlap with Japan’s unique culture in the smart metropolis. The Japanese garden is meticulously furnished with a wide array of amenities such as Japanese restaurants, a lantern park, artificial mountain waterfalls, and a red carp stream to bring the city-dwellers different experiences every day.

Especially, MIKGroup built 25 amenities inside the Imperia Smart City to meet the residents’ every living and relaxing need. Children can have fun in spacious playgrounds, while the elders can do exercises under the thick canopy of peaceful green trees. At the foot of the building lies a resort-like swimming pool. Instead of following the common rectangle or oval design, this swimming pool is constructed in an open space with curves and bends that are hugged by two lines of green trees.

In addition to its superior and wide range of amenities that stand out from other projects of the same segment in South Tu Liem (Hanoi), Imperia Smart City is also “upgraded” by its groundbreaking apartment design. The project boasts a wide variety of apartments, satisfying customers’ every need. The apartments’ area ranges from 28 to 76 square meters, whose type is varied from a studio apartment to a three-bedroom apartment. They are designed for optimized utilization while still ensuring the ventilation of the rooms and convenience for their owners.

Recently, 1+ apartments, which costs a reasonable amount of budget, have become the top choice for young couples thanks to their practical design that leaves no inch unused. MIKGroup has quickly caught up with this trend and invested in modern 46-square-meter apartments that have 1 bedroom + 1, or apartments from 55 square meters or above with 2 bedrooms + 1 with convenient living spaces. 

An “upgrade” at the center of a smart metropolis

In addition to possessing more superiority than other projects of the same segment in the area, Imperia Smart City is regarded as an “upgrade” at the center of a smart metropolis thanks to its one-of-a-kind advantages. 

First of all, it lies at the center location, which is regarded as the “heart” of Vinhomes Smart City, thus meeting all of the residents’ living and relaxing needs right at their doorstep. By taking just a few steps away from their apartments, the residents can visit green parks for a walk, unwind or immerse themselves in the refreshing water, or enjoy the mesmerizing sand of the 4.8-hectare central lake.

Imperia Smart City’s position is considered a “golden” one as it is placed on Vinhomes Smart City's arterial road, which is 52 meters wide and has two lanes to facilitate the residents’ transportation from the inner area to amenities in the metropolitan center such as Vincom Mega Mall, the Japanese garden, and other high-quality amenities. From here, the residents can conveniently and quickly travel to other core roads such as the Thang Long Avenue, the Road 70, the extended Le Trong Tan street, and the urban railway No. 6 to Noi Bai Airport. 
The Japanese garden recreates unique features of the land of cherry blossoms
Additionally, it takes the residents just a couple of steps to reach the smart parking lot, which is a built-in facility of a 10-story shopping mall that is situated next to the project. 

Especially, MIKGroup also builds a community hall and a reception hall, which are features that other buildings in the same area lack, to provide the best experience for the residents as well as visitors. The reception hall owns a 3-meter-high ceiling and is decorated with modern and elegant details. It is also furnished with chairs and tables so that the residents can welcome their friends and partners at the main hall. 

Imperia Smart City also inherits exceptional features of other Imperia projects that MIKGroup has successfully developed: Imperia Garden (at Nguyen Huy Tuong street) and Imperia Sky Garden (at Minh Khai street). Possessing the advantages of a high-end product such as prices, high quality, and a unique landscape, Imperia Smart City has become a rare product on the market and is highly sought after by customers and investors since its introduction. 

With high-quality amenities of its inner area and its position in the metropolitan center, the “upgraded” Imperia Smart City is an ideal settlement for its residents and a profitable investment for investors in the future. 

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