• Location: (01 – Ha Noi; 01 – Phu Quoc)
• To direct, co-ordinate and participate in all activities of accounting personnel, such as: Preparing management reports, financial statements and related accounting reports
• To ensure the accurate and timely preparation and submission of all accounting reports and financial statements. To prepare, or supervise the preparation of monthly closing journal entries and balance sheet and profit and loss schedules. To scrutinize the monthly financial report, investigate unusual variations and prepare comments to be attached to the report
• To compile, together with the General Manager and Heads of Departments, all budgets and forecasts  covering all activities of the Hotel; maintain all budget control procedures and prepare cash flow projections. To administer all approved operating plans, including measurement of actual performances, reporting and interpreting operating results to Corporate
• To provide accounting data for union negotiations, including participating in the negotiations as required/delegated by the General Manager. To be involved in the financial outlay for employee benefits.
• The implementation of local practices required ensuring compliance with orders of regulations issued by local government agencies after approval by the Area and Corporate Offices.
• To analyze and interpret financial statements and accounting reports of the Hotel and individual outlet reports to the management.
• To maintain internal control systems and procedures and continuous audits of all accounts, records and transactions.
• To receive, safeguard and account for all cash, cheques, bank deposits, accounts receivables, inventories, advances and investments of the Hotel.
• To account for all income and receipts of the Hotel from every source, including income from the sale of merchandise and services, rents, commissions, deposits, prepayments and other sums received and unearned, collection of accounts receivable and advances, proceeds from sale of equipment and supplies, interest and exchange.
• To verify and account for all debts and financial liabilities of the Hotel.
• To develop, implement and administer credit and collection policies and procedures that have been established.
• To ensure the maintenance of relevant accounting records and that all expenses committed and expended are properly accounted for. Also, to ensure cost effectiveness and control.
• To ensure the maintenance of all subsidiary records in connection with Inventories, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables Fixed Assets, etc.
• To maintain the standard system of internal control over cash and cash items
• To implement all Corporate Policies and Procedures after taking into consideration of local requirements and to assist the General Manager in the compilation of all departments written policies and procedures into the Hotel’s own In-House Policy Manual.
• To review all Internal and External Auditor’s reports, Investigate points raised and submit report to the Area and Corporate Offices, outlining problems and corrective action proposed and taken.
• To assist the Area and Corporate Office in the preparation of their respective budgets and feasibility studies and whenever any financial information or expertise is required.
• To sign all contracts, other than sales contracts, jointly with the General Manager, ensuring that all terms are in compliance with local law, management agreement, corporate policies and sound commercial judgement. To seek assistance of locally appointed solicitors on legal matters and to advise the General Manager of approval of the Area Controller a tax plan.
• To ensure that inventory taking of food, beverage, operating supplies and operating equipment are conducted as per schedules.
• To ensure that inventory taking of food, beverage, operating supplies and operating equipment are conducted as per schedules.
• The administration of all Hotel insurance by liaising with Owing Company, Area and Corporate offices and local appointed insurance agents in connection with proper insurance coverage.
• Administration of Hotel tax obligations, using the assistance of locally appointed Auditors or Tax Experts. To review the Hotel’s tax position with a view to proposing method by which the Hotel can minimize its tax liabilities and to submit for the approval of the Area Controller a tax plan.

• Graduated from University – specialized in Finance & Accounting
• Qualification: Chief Accountant, ACCA, CPA, CFA
• 10 years of experience in finance and accounting field
• At least 5 years in the same position
• Work experience in the hospitality industry, banking, taxation and related agencies
• Experiences in similar job for foreign company
• Excellent Hospitality Management software user and administration skills
• Ability to establish relationships with partners, relevant agencies
• Specialized knowledge in finance, accounting, taxation, banking, economics and regulations / policies
• Specialized knowledge in Hospitality Management
• Communication skills; Negotiate; Presentation; Synthetic; Planning; Report; Working independently / Working group
• Good computer skills in Windows operating environment (Office, Word, Excel, etc.).
• English Excellent level, written & spoken (IELTS 6.5)
• Good Vietnamese communication.

• Competitive salary and bonus 
• Social insurance, health insurance (PVI) according to Labor Laws 
• Professional, dynamic working environment 
• Please send your CV and cover letter to: 

Location: HN, PQ

Expired Date: 20/10/2018

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