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Known for its ability to properly implement projects and stay ahead of schedules, MIKGroup has once again proven its reputation and potentials to customers and investors. Especially, after waves of COVID-19 outbreaks, MIKGroup still stands tall as a distinguished developer should.

Determined to build up the Imperia brand, MIKGroup has chosen capable and credible contractors in construction and design in the markets, including Ricons as the main contractor and West Green Design (Canada) as the landscape designer.
After one year since the project began, on March 24 and 31, 2021, topping out ceremonies were carried out for zone 1 which includes Imperia Smart tower 1 and 2, thus pushing the project one month ahead of the schedule. Currently, the structure of apartments in these two towers has been completed and their construction has entered the next phase. As planned, these apartments will be handed over to customers in the fourth quarter of 2021.
Representatives of MIKGroup’s leaders, investors, and Ricons perform the topping-out ceremony for Imperia Smart City project
 At the ceremony, a representative of MIKGroup remarked: “We're determined to achieve our leaders’ highly ambitious goals regarding quality and progress, in which we complete one floor in 5-6 days on average. At the construction site, we give it our all and are extremely excited to see the project become more and more complete every day.”

Thanks to MIKGroup’s reputation in properly implementing projects and staying ahead of schedules, Imperia Smart City wins customers’ trust, enabling them to choose apartments to their liking. According to MIKGroup, despite being only launched in mid-2020, Imperia Smart City has garnered the attention of numerous customers to its products.

Situated in a favorable location inside Vinhomes Smart City, the center of the capital’s western area, Imperia Smart City boasts a consistent and modern infrastructure alongside a green surrounding. The project is a harmonious blend of nature and modern living standards.
Therefore, Imperia Smart City not only is one of the hottest projects in the western area for the time being, thanks to its favorable location and attractive prices but also creates a strong impression of a project whose progress is ahead of time with top-of-the-line quality and safety.
The structure of Imperia Smart City project has been completed
On the project’s progress, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam - Deputy General Director of Ricons said: “For the progress to stay ahead of schedule while ensuring that technical procedures are accurately performed in every detail, we have mobilized hundreds of workers to work on a rolling basis for three shifts per day with speed and discipline. In addition, we also have the 24/7 supervision of seasoned engineers.”

Especially, to even further accelerate the progress and construct accurately and optimally while retaining aesthetic values, the developer of Imperia Smart City decided to spend a substantial amount of resources on the most advanced technologies. Such technologies include a gang form system with outstanding advantages such as construction safety, low space occupancy, and high accuracy. As it is manufactured from steel, it is not susceptible to deformation and distortion, and can be concurrently used in different areas. This system is also immensely eco-friendly as it significantly lowers construction dust and wastes.
During the implementation, managers and the Management Board of Imperia Smart City project have stayed vigilant in the supervision and examination of construction materials and workers to ensure the project’s compliance with international quality standards. 
An overview of Imperia Smart City
At the construction site, Mr. Nguyen Duc Anh - a worker - shared: “Thanks to the attention from the leaders and contractors, my fellow workers and I have been working diligently in high spirits. During COVID-19 outbreaks, we were given instructions on how to ensure our health, and to properly perform social distancing at work amid the fight against the pandemic. As I have worked on the project since the earliest days, I am extremely delighted to see the project tops out one month earlier.”

Additionally, thanks to well-trained workers working three shifts per day and the application of modern equipment and machinery, MIKGroup is proud to offer customers the best apartments. 
The project sits next to the central park with a 10.2-hectare detention basin
 It is safe to say that properly implementing projects and staying ahead of schedules are always the evidence for MIKGroup’s reputation and potentials. The professional and methodical approach in investment and construction of every product has built up the brand of this real estate developer.
Prior to Imperia Smart City, MIKGroup also managed to top out two towers in The Matrix One project in November 2020. With its ability to stay ahead of time in construction progress, MIKGroup’s potentials and reputation have been proven, with Imperia Smart City project being the most attractive one in the west of Hanoi at present.
Customers purchasing apartments in Imperia Smart City will receive a 10% discount off of the apartments’ value (for early payment). For customers who pay in installments, they will receive financial aid for the interest up to 70% of the apartments’ value, zero interest and prepayment of debts with no penalties up to 24 months, and five years of free services.  Especially, from March 1 to March 31, 2021, customers purchasing apartments will receive up to VND 100 million in packages for high-end kitchen or air conditioners per apartment; and up to VND 80 million in furniture vouchers per apartment for the first 30 apartments.
For further information, please visit:
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